His whole team was so easy to work with and straight forward

I met Gustavo because our landlord was selling her condo and I immediately noticed how knowledgeable and helpful he was even though I wasn’t his client. I’ve been disappointed by a few different local realtors so I was pleasantly surprised to work with someone who was patient and walked us through everything step by step.

We spent several weeks going and viewing homes with him and he never lost his patience with us. I would send him addresses to homes I was interested in and he would research and give plenty of feedback so that we were prepared before going to them. He has a lot of experience and is so helpful. We felt very comfortable because he understood what we were looking for and didn’t try to make a quick sale or pressure us into anything, which others have done to us in the past.

I would always ask him questions about value and with his expertise, educated us on upgrades that my husband and I had no idea about, giving us better insight into or home buying purchase.

Gustavo also has plenty of contacts. He hooked us up with a lender who was just as amazing as him. His whole team was so easy to work with and straight forward. He had an inspector check out our house, making it so convenient and taking the stress out of finding people.

We closed on our home on Oct. 29 and are so grateful to Gustavo and his team!