He negotiated $20K in closing cost down to $0!

I asked my mortgage broker if he knew a realtor that was familiar with selling homes in the north county area, would treat me as a client not a paycheck, and was a great negotiator ensuring my best interest were met. He quickly referred me to Gustavo and I was not disappointed.

Gustavo has a corporate background which plays to his advantage from a strategic perspective. He provided my wife and I with a thorough market analysis and discussed a realistic range for our home. He set target goals to achieve and had backup plans as needed so we always stayed one step ahead of the game. He set a one in a half month target to sell my home and he was on target and sold above market value.

How did he do it? Gustavo reached out to my neighbors, cold called, tapped into his personal network of contacts, and open houses. He was relentless and never stopped working for me.

I was also impressed with Gustavo’s ability to negotiate. When purchasing our new home, we opted to get new construction. As part of that process, Gustavo was there by my side and negotiated potentially $20K in closing cost down to $0! In addition, he took care of all communications with the builder which helped keep my mind at ease knowing I had someone working on my behalf.

From helping to stage our old home, to professional pictures taken for the home listing, to bi-weekly personal market analysis, and the use of technology (texting system) to simplify the house showing process, I was extremely happy with Gustavo and would recommend him to any family member and/or friend.

Gustavo helped my wife and I get into our dream home and ensured I was not paying two mortgage payments in the process.

Thanks Gustavo for a job well done!